Nov 19, 2009

New York City Opera and E.V. White | Partnership Marketing at Its Finest

On Friday, November 6, I went to the public viewing of the "exploding couture" hanging exhibit (press release) by artist E.V. Day at the New York City Opera's renovated David H. Koch Theater.

This was partnership-marketing at its finest.

Someone with the Opera saw an E.V. Day exhibit in a gallery and inquired at the gallery if the artist would be interested in partnering with them on pieces for their lobby. She was, and was given access to the Opera's massive costume collection. She created the pieces (which are for sale) which will hang in the lobby of the opera for the Fall and Spring seasons.

The costumes cost the artist and the opera nothing, since they were already created and paid for. Since the artist is being given this gigantic gallery (the opera lobby) to show (and potentially sell) her work, I'd assume she was not paid; the opera got an art exhibit for free.

The opera gets an exhibit, something to look at in the lobby, for free.

The artist gets exposure for almost an entire year in front of a well-heeled crowd (except me and all the people who sit with me in the peasants section).
This is partnership marketing. I made that term up. The concept is new to me so I am fascinated with it.


The opera held a free public viewing. They served free wine and snacks, got to chat up the artist (I think she was there) and got to meet a gallery rep. They also got to page through the opera's season brochure. I attended, drank some wine, saw some art and left with tickets to two shows. Score one for the opera!
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