Jan 7, 2007

Media Critic's Blog Shuttered After Disney Complains

This is outrageous.

A blogger, "Spocko," tires of an ABC radio station KSFO where the radio shows' hosts "endorse torture, call for the public hangings of New York Times editor Bill Keller and other journalists, and demand that callers mock Islam. They also mock their own advertisers--calling Chevrolet, for example, "sh!tty," or recommending that Sears' Diehard battery be attached to an African-American's testicles."

So the blogger records audio and places it on his blog. Then he begins a letter writing campaign to the advertisers on the station, directing them to his blog with the offending audio files.

Disney sent his internet service provider a cease and desist letter because they claimed the presence of their audio on his blog violated Disney copyright, so the service provider gave him one week to remove the audio files. He didn't. The site went down.

First of all, why would Disey even want to own a station like this? Being involved with content as touchy and crazy as this would seem dangerous for the company. Yet they own it. But when someone points out that the content is ridiculous, and more importantly loses their advertisers, they go for the juggular of the blogger as opposed to looking at themselves and going "Why do we own this station that spits out this awful content in the first place?" (Source)

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