Jul 11, 2006

Ninjas hate Pirates, Love Little Men

Podcast after podcast has been talking about, interviewing or recommending Ask-A-Nija, a podcast made by two former comedy improv performers. So, I finally checked it out this morning. Funny stuff. But, I noticed something even funnier on their site. In the latest episode/podcast/show/post (call it what you like depending on which channel you suck it through), the Ninja trashes Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie that, last weekend, broke all box office records for opening day ($55 million) and weekend ($133 million). But check out the banner ad at the top of the site. It's advertising the podcast for the movie Little Man, an upcoming release from Team Wayans.

So they'll trash one movie that admittedly might be bad, but then take money from another movie that might be worse. Ah, bloggers/vloggers/episodic net-based rss channel content-creators. Also note at the end of this latest Ninja epi-blog-vlog-post is..an ad. Looks like they're revver customers. So, the Ask-A-ninja guys accept money from crap movies advertising on a show that trashes crap movies and has ads at the end of the crap-movie-trashing show.

Here's the problem: these guys should focus on getting writing gigs and scipt deals, not try to monetize this podcast with shoddy post-roll and banner ads. In the short run, yeah, they might make money from that. But I think they'd make more from possible gigs and deals with larger companies. This podcast is an ad for their talent. It shows they can write, improvise and edit. Jib jab did this and so can they.

Also, I had to turn off the Little Man Podcast after two minutes because of the un-reality it was trying to play off as authentic. The first question involved Tracey Morgan (one of the unfunniest human beings ever) telling the interviewer, some Tom Joyner wannabe, about how fun the set was. Ugh. And look at the page itself. The player at the bottom is free, the movie graphics are reused from other mediums..the whole thing stinks.

(Side note: the correct url for this movie was littleman-movie. I tried littlemanmovie first and found this. )

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