Aug 23, 2006

Geeks on a 50 million dollar dud

The movie cost them$30 million, traditional marketing was $20 million and the net geek-out cost them nothing. Yet New Line Cinema was upset at the geek-out.

"You ask most movie marketers, they don't necessarily put that much stock in using the Internet for marketing a movie, and this is exactly why," said Paul Dergarabedian of Exhibitor Relations, which tracks box office for the studios.

"People were very aware of this movie," he added. "But converting Internet interest into actual movie-going, as a proven way of bringing people into the theatres, it doesn't really stand up yet." With the exception of The Blair Witch Project, released in 1999, few films have successfully mined grassroots appeal."
The movie had a $14 million opening weekend! That is pretty good for a movie with a weird premise and starless casting (save SLJ).Have they not ever experienced a Kate Hudson movie opening weekend?

I think they got their hopes up about the geek-out only because it hadn't happened since The Blair with Project. I think they should be enraged to the point of firing someone that they spent $20 million on traditional advertising and the opening receipts were so low. Let's put those meda planners and buyers on the fire before we shrug off the supposed "non-power" of a couple thousand geeks. I think the studio's dissappointment in depending on net marketing for film only shows how little they know about this emerging space.


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