Aug 1, 2006

Mark Cuban will give you a (snow) job

Mark Cuban posted a simple question: How do you get millions of people to come see a movie without spending millions? The one who comes up with the answer gets a job. Ugh. Hello, Willy Wonka?

"We already do movie marketing 101. We do buzz marketing. We put up videos all over the net. We set up websites, myspace accounts for the movies and its characters, we work with movie forums, we buy ads, etc, etc, etc. If its been done before, we are doing it.

So if you want a job, and have a great idea on how to market movies in a completely different way. If your idea works for any and all kinds of movies. If it changes the dynamics and the economics of promoting movies, email it or post it. If its new and unique, i want to hear about it. If its a different way of doing the same thing you have seen before, it probably wont get you a job, but feel free to try.

So go for it. Come up with a great idea that i want to use and I will come up with a job for you to make that idea happen.

for real."
This post and his response to the flood of comments and emails smacks of a stunt, yet over 1k people sent in well-thought-out responses. He even says "Im not done going through everything yet, so maybe I missed your brilliance, but I promise, if its there, I will read it and when I find it, the job is yours! Keep the ideas and discussion flowing! (ie: do my job for me under the guise of a job interview). If he actually hires someone, if someone actually came up with the idea, I'd be very surprised.

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