Oct 12, 2006

Podcast Nerdy Nerd

The creator of Lovetastic.com, a web 2.0 personals site for gay men, appeared on Inside the Net. The creator is 25 and made the whole thing himself. It's a lovely site and very simple. It's beautifully done and I love the sentiment behind it: a personals site for gay men that is not based on abs or body part size. Just wanted to share this with my gay peeps and get your feedback on it. It's very cool someone is creating things like this based on such things.

I listened to John V's fave podcast yesterday, Podcast 411. The guest was the creator of Showbiz Newsy News, an animated podcast he writes, voices and animates himself. It's the first time I had heard of it, so I checked it out. The inspirational part of it to me is that he does it all himself.

Broadway Bullet is a very professional podcast featuring content from the New York Musical Theater Festival. They interview producers, writers and performers with pieces in the festival, then play songs from their shows. I love it. I think it's a high quality show worth listening to and getting ideas from. I'm the Social Network Manager for the Orlando Fringe and I would LOVE to get something like this started.

Engadget is using enhanced podcasting. Woot! I love enhanced podcasting. I got into a debate with an educator at the Podcast Expo about it and she was like, "You like enhanced podcasts, don't you?" And I do! It add so much more flexibility to an audio podcast and gets as close to video podcasting as you can without going over the ledge into video podcasting. My vision for enhanced podcasts was as downloadable how-to manuals for products. Let's say you buy a drill at Home Depot and need to know how to use it. Download the enhanced podcast and watch the manual instead of reading it. That's where I thought they could work best. Steal that idea.

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