Nov 28, 2006

Youtube on your cell

Verizon will be showing youtube videos chosen by the youtube editors to VCast subscribers come early December. Users can also upload their own videos from thier phones directly to youtube. Then in 2007, Youtube will be rolling out even more partnerships with cell phone operators. So exciting.

I am the Social Network Manager for the Orlando International Fringe Theatre festival, and I could see a wonderful interaction for patrons happening here. Now, in reality, the videos VCast subscribers can access are chosen by the editors at Youtube. But, let's say they weren't. I'm launching an '07 Fringe show ad channel on youtube soon. It will have a commercial for each show in the festival. What if a patron were able to, after viewing the actual live show, post a video response to the commercial coreesponding to that show? Then viewers of the channel could see that commercial and that response and judge whether or not they want to take a chance on the show.

Another idea is to create a Fringe patron channel, where patrons can upload video of themselves praising or panning a show. I just created this on youtube, but it's telling me youtube will be down tonight. So, at least the account is created. I'll work on it more later.

So cool. Reading an article and getting an idea and then having the easy-to-use tools to implement it. (Source)

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