Jul 30, 2007

Jimmy (gag) Fallon?

If this is to be believed, Conan will replace Leno (good) and Jimmy Fallon will replace Conan (so bad it hurts my cat's lymph nodes). What in God's parking spot is NBC thinking? Did they, ahem...WATCH Jimmy Fallon on SNL? He was wretched.

I will say this. I despised Horatio Sanz on that show. He was unfunny. Then in 2004 I saw him perform at Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC and the man was on fi-yah! He is a bri-zill-iant improvisor. So, given that, maybe Fallon's talents lie in off-the-cuff instead of off-the-cue-card.

The one definite good thing about this: no more Leno. I never found him funny, personally. And that stunt where he brought Rob Schneider on dressed as Lindsay Lohan the day after she got arrested? I thought it was insensitive and in poor taste, as did the taste-maker herself, Barbara Walters.

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