Jul 31, 2007

The search for a new (personal) blog

I'm playing with different ways to blog. I was blogging on myspace for about a year and want to jump ship for many reasons. So, today i am trying audioblogging. I don't think this type of content (in this audio post) belongs ona blog like this, but I wanted to share with you my attempts, both successful and not, at finding the ideal personal blogging method.

I'm already doing Twitter and love it. But I do still want to talk in lengtheir chunks. So, the search is on.

Update Notes:
-SAK Monday night workshop
-10am: Orlando Fringe website meeting
-3pm: Improv Cabaret rehearsal
-My thoughts on audio posting
-Thoughts on rehearsing Improv Cabaret
-Shows and workshops coming up



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ryanprice said...

It's nice being a programmer and having someone hand me a design -- I like playing both sides of the fence, but not at the same time - that hurts.

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