Aug 3, 2007

I'm teaching musical improv workshops

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested. Thanks

Mark Baratelli's Musical Improv workshops:
Mark Baratelli created the show "Mark Baratelli's Improv Cabaret" which (after August) will have been seen in New York, San Francisco and Miami. The show is a 45-minute improvised cabaret act. All the songs, all the stories: improvised. He's accompanied on piano by the brilliant Jim Rhinehart.

Mark has, through rehearsals and performances of this show, created his own vocabulary and manner of creating musical improv. It's not about structure, form, or verse-verse-chorus-verse. It's about...well, you gotta pay to find out!

These are going to the final Musical Improv Workshops taught by Mark for a long time as he is leaving town until November. Be sure to catch them!

Saturday August 11, 5-7pm
Saturday August 18, 5-7pm

Rehearsal room in the back of SAK

$25 per workshop. Each workshop is completely independent of the other. So you can do one or both.

Reserve your spot by emailing Mark: Tell him which date(s) you wish to attend.
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