Aug 1, 2007

Mark At Eight At Nine

Mark at Eight at Nine
I had an idea to do a daily video show and call it "Mark at Eight," but then I realized if I started after 9pm, I could take calls on my cell. So now the title is either "Mark at Nine" or "Mark at Eight at Nine."

I recorded the first episode tonight!

Episode One: Moomers and Mom
(18:00) In "episode one," my Mom calls and reminds me to talk about and show my cat to the viewers, so someone will foster-adopt her while I am out of town. Highlights include her singing "Skaters Watz," her homeless people story and her trying to hawk my cat to the viewers.

Subscribe and watch:
-here's the rss
-here's the show's homepage.

Watch for it Thursday night at 9pm.

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