Sep 25, 2007

Starbucks giving away free music


Starbucks are set to give away 1.5 million free songs every day starting October 2.

The coffee chain has teamed up with iTunes to give away tracks by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Band Of Horses, amongst others, with the number of songs available set to reach 50 million by November 7.

Customers will get a free 'song of the day' card throughout the promotion which will also feature material from Paul McCartney, John Mayer and Joss Stone.

The chain is also implementing their 'Wi-fi Music Store' service, which will kick off in New York and Seattle, expanding to the rest of Starbucks' shops as the year progresses. The service will enable customers to buy tracks wirelessly from the chain's 'Hear Music' label at the coffee shops.

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