Nov 3, 2007

slideshow: Livingston, Montana and Chadz Cafe

Livingston, Montana (11-1-07)

Chadz Cafe (Livingston, Montanta)
If you are ever in want of a cool coffeeshop with old couches, wacky decor and a friendly staff, please go to Chadz Cafe in Livingston. This place would be a sister cafe to Orlando's Communitiea and Pom Pom's. It is awesome and eclectic and fun.

Two women came up to us while we were eating and...
-told us our fortunes based on our astrological signs
-showed us their paintings
-brought over 3 different pamplets about the artist's work and bio and wacky made-up reviews
-discussed how awesome Livingston was

I asked the guy behind the counter if they had a website, and he said no. Weird. I guess maybe he doesn't need one, since it's a small town and the shop is so cool it would be hard for word not to spread. I guess.

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