Dec 19, 2007

I bought art and saw Banksy art

Me in the gallery where I bought this, my frst piece of art!
The piece I bought

Art gallery building
Where I bought it

I know NOTHING about art. I didn't even know there was a Chelsea art gallery district until today, when I stumbled upon it. I'd gone to the district to see a
Banksy show (that he, according to his website, says is "completely unauthorized and unlikely to be worth visiting) at the Vanina Holasek Gallery. I agree. The show was underwhelming and not presented in a helpful manner. His work needs explaining sometimes (like the giant rats and tiny rats all over the place) and none was offered.

Anyways, after I exited the exhibit I walked down the dirty, trashy street and discovered...galleries. For days. And I ended up buying something (see above) at the Ceres Gallery.

Banksy exhibit, Vanina Holasek Gallery
A piece by Banksy

Vanina Holasek Gallery
The Vanina Holasek Gallery

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