Jan 2, 2008

The 22 year old Viddler

A friend John Rife made a video about locavores and chose to host it on Viddler. John is a video blogging guru, so I had to check out Viddler. The video above was the "featured video" on the homepage.

I was speechless. Not because this guy (who is a 22 year old pastor) is laying it all out there online for the world to see, but because I was so into it. Immediately. I was all up in my laptop screen like "If you want to lose weight, get the candy OUT of your house!" and "What church hands out friggin Snickers bars for Christmas? Isn't that called gluttony?" I was wrapped up IMMEDIATELY in his story. I had emotions about what I was watching, which is rare for me. I'm usually indifferent or judgmental (well, I was obviously judgmental in this case, but in a participatory way, if that makes sense. I judged as a participant. I didn't sit there and judge him for doing his video. I judged the content of his video.) And he's just a some guy filming himself in his kitchen talking about being overweight. It sounds cliche', but if THAT can get me excited, entertain me and (obviously) stir something inside me, what do I need to spend $10 for at a movie theater or $1.99 for at Itunes?

Oh, and click on "Menu." The video player is amazing.


Pastor Matt said...

Glad you found my video to be so...interesting/infuriating! Getting the Snickers out of my house would be a great idea, but I'm pretty sure my wife wants to have a few around...I think I'll be able to resist the call of the chocolate covered peanuts and caramel for a while longer.

I could only have wished that I would have thought about the irony of filming a video about weight right next to my kitchen - chalk that one up to creative coincidences, I guess.

Anyways, welcome to the Viddler community - It really is an experience that differs from the "norm".

Me said...

i think you got the point of my post: your video was entertaining to the point I actually CARED about it. And it's not million-dollar Hollywood movie. It's someone's real life story.

And eat all the snickers you want. :)

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