Jan 1, 2008

Episode 4: Scoble inspires

Show Notes:
(5:47) Robert Scoble is inspiring me. Follow him on Twitter. Goals for 2008: find more Robert Scobles to follow on Twitter, do less personal blogging, post daily to Creativitity blog and podcast, read more through Google Reader, Micropersuasion. Recommendations: The Accidental Creative, Six Pixels of Separation. Local news: Orlando Podcasters.

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Mitch Joel - Twist Image said...

Hi Mark,

I'm "the guy who seems to know what he's talking about" over at the Six Pickles Podcast ;)


Thanks for mentioning my show - I'm glad you enjoyed my Holiday episode. Please feel free to call in an audio comment.

As for your show - I appreciate that you separate your personal Blog/Podcast from your work, but my guess is that Casting Directors don't. If they like you, they'll Google you and everything they see is "you."

Best of luck and have fun at PodCamp Orlando!

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