Feb 6, 2008

ASPCA Day is, yes Im pretty sure, stupid

I got this email forwarded to me today:

Join Animal Lovers Everywhere and Go Orange for Animals on April 10 for ASPCA Day!

On Thursday, April 10, cities all over the country will be going orange to celebrate the ASPCA’s victories on behalf of animals and the joy they bring to pet parents everywhere. Lend us your voice on April 10 by dressing yourself, your kids, your pet—even your school or company!—in ASPCA orange, and show the world you support the ASPCA and the pets we protect.
Is that not the dumbest idea ever? How many people do you think will participate and of those people, how many won't be weird? The ASPCA needs to fire their marketing staff.

Oh and enter now for your chance to win an ASPCA Day kit!

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