Feb 16, 2008

Hannah Montanta: brand extension heaven

I am fascinated by the re-use, re-packaging, brand extension, whatever you call if, of content, identity, property (whatever you call that as well). I saw this poster at the entrance gates to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and flipped out. The tv show became a concert became a movie!? Hannah Montanah: brand extension heaven! I was googlin' around to find some stats on her cd sales and found a great article on Portfolio.com with more stats than I cold shake a blonde wig at! So, the idea for this post came from me and my excitement about this concept, and the stats are all from Portfolio Magazine's website. (And I have to make mention of this new mag... and here I thought online was the only way to go... here they are, printing a magazine... on paper!)

1. So first there was the tv show: "her eponymous show debuted in 2006 as the No. 1 cable show for kids age 6-14." And it just so happens that in the tv show the main character, Hannah/Miley is a singer.

2. So next logically follows a cd...then another: "more than 8 million copies sold worldwide."

3. Ya got a singer who's known, ya got a cd (two even), so what naturally follows? "a sold-out national tour that has been expanded to 70 dates (and has already generated more than $24 million"

4. In between all this, she has
--"four bestselling DVDs (more than 2.5 million copies sold)
--a series of young adult novels (3.7 million copies and counting)
--video games (1.7 million sold)"

5. And while the concert is going on, why not..film it? They did, and released a movie. But not just any type of movie:
--it was shown in "specially-equipped Digital 3-D theatres"
--on only 683 screens
--tickets were $15

The film, "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, became the No. 1 movie at the box office Super Bowl Weekend 2008, earning $31.1 million in three days...(It's the) highest per-screen average ever—$42,000 per screen trounced the record of $35,000 set by Spider-Man 3 last year. Originally limited to a one-week engagement, the film has now been extended indefinitely..."

View this great interactive thingy about her earnings on Portfolio.com.

(Source: Portfolio.com)

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