Mar 24, 2008

Podcast Episode: Movies going Niche

Movies Going Niche: (3-3-08, 6:09, 1.48 MB, mp3)
TWiT episode #133 featuring Johnathan Coulton mentioned large movies having to bring in huge profits to break even. New Line got "uncreated" by Warner. This inspired an idea in me. Idea: What if every week, a movie from Sundance came to your local theatre at a low ticket price, creating a niche product serving a niche audience. Wouldn't there be an audience for that? It would give people who like movies a reason to go to the theatre weekly. It would give unique content. You could go online and buy a one-month or six-month pass in advance. Devote one theatre in a megaplex to this idea.

Also may I brag a bit? I recorded this March 3. I'm posting it on this blog March 23. In that time, 488 people have downloaded this episode. WTF? Wow!

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