Mar 24, 2008

Episode 8: Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana: (1-28-08, 4:54, 1.18 MB, episode_8.mp3) Standing outside of Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World. Hannah Montana poster for 3-d movie catches my eye. Tickets for the concerts were being scalped. The movie: in 3-d, in theatres, only shown for a week. It's got the name/brand, the exclusivity (one week) and something cool (3-D). The Hannah Montana phenomenon: tv show, concert, then movie. High School Musical phenomenom: tv movie, another tv movie, live tour, 3rd movie in theatres.

#1: These 2 projects are huge. #2: They both milk content. The concerts are successful in themselves. You film it? Boom. Now you can spread the same content out to a wider audience WITH THE SAME CONTENT you were presenting in a live version.

I'd love to create something live, then film it, and do something further with the recorded content. They could take the audio from the movie of the concert and make a cd.

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1 comment:

Brian Feldman said...

I TOTALLY wanted to see this 3-D movie. Huge proponent of Digital 3-D. Missed it.

You'd think this would be more commonplace in today's market! Cheaper to make and market, etc. Perhaps it will soon.

"Stop Making Sense" and "Swimming to Cambodia" are two great, but not recent, and actually now that I think of it, more "niche," examples (from the 80's!) of this (live to screen). And both from the great Jonathan Demme! His most recent example of this is 2006's "Neil Young: Heart of Gold."

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