Mar 26, 2008

Trophies make you live in the past

Photo Credit: "goodbye, trophies" by strph

Ooh I found another goodie from The last line is thrilling:

Polaroid's announcement last month that they will stop making film is a timely reminder that the world moves on and that those who want to survive must move with it. All that's left now is the usual bit of nostalgic kicking and screaming.

This reminds me of one of the habits of International Master Bob Wade, OBE, who is still playing tournament chess in his late 80s. He makes a point of not keeping trophies, saying it would make him live in the past.
Wow. Makes me want to take all my clippings and programs from past shows, put them through a shredder and go on an audition.

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Brian Feldman said...

And that's why Bob is an International Master.

The immediate difference that comes to mind, is that in his field, it's ALWAYS about the next game. "Game." And essentially, the same game. In your field, and mine as well, it's more vital to keep track of what's happened, as that's the reference tool for people to understand the project or piece in terms of future relevance. There's a lot more explaining that needs to be done, especially for, say, grants. I hope this makes sense.

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