Mar 25, 2008

Create Chaos: Oct 13-17, 2008

Create Magazine announces the Create Chaos 2008 Conference on October 13-17, 2008, at the Marriott Orlando World Resort in Orlando, FL,. Create Chaos 2008 brings together more than 10 leading creative conferences and events under one roof, addressing the evolving needs of an industry on the eve of a new renaissance. Create Chaos appeals to creative professionals who want to participate in a conference that speaks to their skill set and, at the same time, includes opportunities to learn new techniques outside their comfort zone and network with creatives from other industries.

The Create Chaos experience features the following conferences and events: The Creative Suite Conference, Printing+Paper+Packaging Design Conference, Converge08 Post Production Conference, The Vector Conference, Stash Theatre, CreativeHeads Job Fair, The Web Design Conference, MGFest, and The Pixel Conference.

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