Apr 22, 2008

Accenture: An open letter

I was reading this article, but an ad for Accenture kept blinking and changing to the right of the article. Annoying. I wrote them this email:

Your ad makes it difficult to read the article next to which it's placed. I wish I could annoy you as much as you annoyed me just now. Please provide an electronic manner in which I can annoy you, you know, to seek my revenge? And this email doesn't count. This is not annoying. Hopefully you find this helpful and send it off to the right person in your company who makes decisions on ad designs for your company. How about annoyus.com or annoyusback.com. The site would feature some little game that let me build annoying blinking, flashing, moving ads and then send them to your desktop. No, better yet, every employee in the company's desktop.
Just wanted to share.

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