Apr 8, 2008

I am not a spawn, I am the thought

The Tangerine Toad strikes again with another post about Twitter, which really reveals how unfamiliar he is with it. This time, he...

-claims I spawned a thought of his via a comment I left on his blog about twitter being a great source of info

-says that experts should monetize themselves

-says that people just don't have time to twitter (according to that post's comments)

"...one way I can see Twitter evolving (a thought inadvertently spawned by a comment from one of Steve Rubel’s followers) is as a forum for experts. You sign up to receive tweets from experts in various areas of your choosing and they provide you with a certain number of expert tweets during the day. Links and/or advice."
The "forum of experts" is kind of what I was saying in my first comment I left awhile back. He went on to explain how they could then monetize their expert-ness. Boo. I responded with this:
-The thought (about twitter being a way to learn from experts) did not "spawn" from my comment. My comment WAS the thought. It was my thought I had myself that I shared with you and you agreed with: twitter is great as a learning tool if one chooses to use it as such. My thought spawned your post would be more correct, I think.

-Why are you trying to monetize experts when the NYTimes twitters it's links to it's articles for free? That is just one example. I am sure there are more.

-And, for those who feel like they don't have the time to use twitter, here's the way I use it. (This is my thought, not a spawn by the way) It's in my phone in the browser. When I have nothing to do or am bored I check my twitter feed on that phone. When I do, I get links to articles and new bits of interest to me. It's a benefit you can give yourself when you need something to occupy your time. I do not check it on my computer.

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