Apr 11, 2008

Improv Everywhere: the email

So you ever wondered how the Improv Everywhere people organize their events? Here ya go:

NY Agents,

There is a big public stunt being organized for Sunday morning by a group who is making a video in support of Barack Obama. They want to get people to come together on camera and spell out "Obama", seemingly spontaneously, in Union Square. This is not an Improv Everywhere event. I very rarely send out anything on this list that is not directly related to Improv Everywhere; however, I decided to send this because I am sure there are many of you who, like me, are Obama supporters and would be interested in this project. The details are below.

Also, I promise there will be a couple of large-scale Improv Everywhere events this summer. We have some things in the planning stage right now, including Mp3 Experiment 5.


7:30AM Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Union Square South (NYC)

An Obama ad for Moveon.org

What to expect:
Upon arriving you will be handed a flyer with a release and a letter on it: O, B,
A#1, M, or A#2. This will tell you where to stand. We want this to look like it happens organically. Once we establish everyones place, we will ask you to scatter. You will have 10 seconds to return to your letter.

We will only have 30 minutes to rehearse and 30 minutes to film. We have to be out of the park at 8:30AM. Please be on time and please listen to Diego (The guy with the megaphone).

We have all been inspired and motivated to do this by Barack Obama and hope you join us to make this possible.

Thank you!

The Spell Obama in Union Square Team




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