Aug 31, 2008

I'll go to the museum for you

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Photo Credit: Mark Baratelli

Want to see an exhibit at a museum in New York City?

Let me do it for you.

You and I will set up a time and date where (a) you can be at your computer (hooked to high-speed internet access) and (b)I can be at the museum, at the same time. (New York City is Eastern Standard time, by the way).

I will wear a tiny videocamera to capture visuals, and be on the phone with you to feed you audio. You guide me where you want me to go, what to look at, what to read to you, what questions you want asked.

The video will not be recorded by you or me. It will stream, you will watch it, then the tour is over.

$100 an hour paid via check. One hour minimum. Two weeks advanced reservations. You cancel? I keep your money. Technical problems on my end that affect at least 50% of the tour? Full refund and half off a rescheduled tour. Technical problems on your end? No refund, but half off a rescheduled time.

(This is not real. It's an idea I had. You like it?)

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