Aug 6, 2008

Lady Raptastic 92: AIDS, VM: 912-CAT-LYKA

Episode 92 Show Notes: Word of the day: Anglo-Sexy, Far Side Segment: sheep, sickle cell anemia, if a man wears a condom he is either gay or he thinks his girl is a slut, do you want white people living at yo house?

Interview with Cheryl Merkowski: she doesn't want to become Lady Raptastic, black people want to be white, she can't hear Lady's on-the-road segments which go into the trash hole anyways, Wanda Wisdom says black people get more AIDS than white people because they have "slut-butt"... and she dated a Japanese man (who always have inappropriate pubic hair), sex is not fun without pain for the Lady, do you like your red meat sucked?

News Discussion with Lady and Cheryl: HIV Testing for All Women, MC Echer does not have a podcast but did do Cheryl's day care center mural, most black women get AIDS from having heterosexual sex with gay men, Cheryl used to have a job making soap from skin tags, black women get AIDS because they cannot say no to a man who asks them to have sex without a condom, "Take a Black Person to Fish Day" in which black people who fish take black people to go fishing

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