Oct 14, 2008

Beyonce: Single Ladies and Walk it Out: save video

In this stunning new Beyonce video, there are OBVIOUS choreography nods to the fab "Walk it Out" mash up video. And how about product placement? Giving her own denim line a shout out: "...in my Dereion Jeans..." Also, I wonder if having Beyonce (a) shot mostly from far away and (b) in a bathing suit-style outfit were employed to hide her obvious gi-normous weight gain. Her legs are giant. I know that sounds mean, but I'm just wondering. And finally, the choreography is a mix of the mash-up's Fosse, Broadway and flat-out drag queen. Love it and think it in itself is worthy of praise. I think the video is stunning. Source

The original


The original plus Beyonce mashup


Anonymous said...

Beyonce looks great to me!
Hell, her legs shake less than mine would were I to ever squat and shake.
I never will....but...if I did....

You leave her alone...skinny bitch.

Mark Baratelli said...

Beyonce looks FIERCE! I was more looking at it from like a dissecting it viewpoint. Like, did they choose far-away shots by CHANCE, or was it a combination of the art director's vision and the desire from Beyonce hersel to have the cameras steer clear of the 'lite. (cellulite). I am not hating on weight gain or big legs or anything. But when you're putting a video together, it's a thang you have to take into consideration I am guessing. Or maybe not. I dunno.

Anonymous said...

IF you believe your own words and think that Beyonce's "legs are giant" then I feel really sorry for you and your obvious subjugation to the brainwashing of corporate America. Please do seek help for your apparent eating disorder.

Mark Baratelli said...

See above.

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