Oct 18, 2008

David Charles, Seinfeld and Absolutely Fabulous

(I'm writing this on the "M" train while riding across the Williamsburg Bridge.)

While listening to an October 17th episode of Fresh Air (with the yummily-named host, Terry Gross), I heard the interview with David Charles, a former writer on Seinfeld. He said something, well many things, of note. But one I particularly took to heart was this. He said when the Seinfeld team was cworking on Seinfeld, they didn't know the rules of sit-coms, so they could break them without knowing it. Love that.

This interview also reminded me that when I first saw a Seinfeld episode, I thought the quick cuts and jumps from plot to plot were similar to what people were complaining about in the short-attention-span types of entertainment. So I didn't like it at first. I thought it was the MTV-ing of sit-coms.

Another example of my stupidity? Ok.

When I first saw "Ab Fab," the only thing I could see was a show romanticizing drug and alcohol use and meanness. Now, I'm completely embarassed by that. But, I think its funny so I share it.

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