Sep 18, 2005

Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Crashers game allows you to upload a photo of a face, any face, and have it take the place of any actor in the trailer. The mouth moves and everything. Very neat.

The Rokr phone activity lets you choose a character and a song. Then sit back and watch that character dance funny. I think the idea is ok but where it falls flat is casting. The Grandma can really dance and appears to be a young woman dressed to look old. I want to see a 98 year old lady dance. THAT would be fun. And the everyday guy is one of those people who thinks their funy but isn't. The way he dances to the Morrocan/Egyptian music looks like the stuff I used to do in sixth grade at dances.

I still think the Fed Ex Furniture guy is somehow a viral campaign on someone's part. That guy might not be in on it, but Fed Ex sure kept the buzz going with their reaction. Smart move, Fed Ex. And those that say they should have embraced it? Yeah i guess my first instinct would have been to do that, but look at what "fighting" it has done. Lots of press. And it's not terribly bad press. It makes them look responsible and maybe a little stodgy...exactly the type of people we want to trust when we need a package delivered. If I am wrong, I owe you a Wendy's 5-pack of nuggets.

Iplay did a project this summer involving a non-actor being submersed in a full-interactive game with actors, a plot and real locations. I am currently trying to become a partner with them in hopes of learning how their studies and projects can, or even if they can, bring life to viral and guerilla.

Anti-Wal Mart movie finds new way to distribute.

Maybe we can learn something from this indie movie marketing blog.

This Coke bottle redesign thing looks so expensive. I wonder if it gets the hipsters to drink more Coke. The bottle designs, movies and site are all really neat, but I question what they expect to get out of it.

The Banana Republic video is so sweet, but it still doesn't make me want to pay $100 for a pair of pants Target now sells for $25.

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