Jun 4, 2006

Fake "italk" Apple phone inspiring

Christopher Desantis' latest addition to his ad spec real includes this piece featuring a lovely Apple design-inspired phone called the "italk." The ad is nice but the phone, designed by his brother Greg, steals the show. Built like a razr, it's got everything: video player, mp3 player, phone, camera. Who knows if this thing could actually be built that thin with so many features. Who cares? It's stunning.

Why has Apple waited so long to jump into phones? It's not lie they can't do what Helio is doing. I forget the exact name, but it's the practice of a non-cell phone company renting minutes from an existing company. Why can't they figure out a deal with a provider and put out the phones you know will take over? It must be tough for Apple with these huge phone companies probably not wanting Apple to enter the marketplace. It's a shame that, if this is the case, fear of failure on the phone companies' part prevents technology, innovation and customer excitement from taking place. Would this hapen in South Korea?

I am keeping an eye on Helio to see how they do. I'm not liking their myspace ad strategy so far. Putting links on my myspace personal page makes me curious, but I have yet to click on them. Plus, it's only a matter of time before a new myspace comes along or other cell providers bang the door down with cash and force myspace out of their deal with Helio. Source

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