Jun 5, 2006

Robots help boy in hospital go to school

A boy in a hospital bed, in thirty minutes, learns to use two robots. One robot travels the hallways of his school with a monitor on it's chest showing a live feed of the boy, going from class to class. The other robot sits at his side with monitor showing the feed from the robot in the school. He can see the teachers, the students, the lockers, everything. The students in the school treat the robot as if it were the boy, saying hello and avoiding any form of taunting. The boy is in his hospital bed learning and socializing. Think of the uses. A poor child could attend an expensive private school. A rich child could attend a better school in another state. Not having to be in a physical space, yet receive the same treatment and education is a wonderful thing.

Kind of related, I've often wished students at Yale and Harvard would record their classes and put them online for those less fortunate. I'd love it if a student at one of these schools podcasted their classes. Is that illegal? They paid for it. They can take notes. And they can share those notes. If they can share notes, can they share audio? (Source)

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