Jun 9, 2006

Plug your headphones into this poster

Check out this poster with an earphone jack! Not crazy about this campaign, but the idea of embedding audio content into a poster is so cool! What else could you do with it? Ok, let's say you're in New York City on a crowded subway... what would a rider want most? Quite, peace, distraction from the hustle and bustle, to not look stupid plugging into a poster...

Music artists could put their whole album in there to preview for fans. With thirty jacks.
A news source (print, tv, online) could provide daily news if the mp3 player had bluetooth.
Some brand could provide soothing music/sound effects to counter balance the noise of the subway cars.
A podcast aggregator could put up thirty of the most popular shows, to get riders to sample podcast-listening.
if you added a "skip to next chapter" button, you could thumb through newspapers, help wanted ads, personals...

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