Jun 9, 2006

Thumbs up to Podcast Summit

The Podcast Summit is coming up: June 20-21. My former employer will be speaking about enhanced podcasts, something I was working on bringing into the company before I left. He should have some good things to say, and maybe some of it will be from the research I did. That would be neat! Anyways, I emailed the founder of the Summit this morning at 7:30am, asking if audio will be made available of the panel discussions once the conference is completed. This is a practice of both The Podcast Expo and SXSW and a real benefit to those of us unable to attend these conferences. It's 9:30am, same day, and I got a response from the founder! Man, if that isn't amazing customer service, and doesn't make me want to learn more about this event, I don't know what is and will.

"Sent: 09 June 2006 12:28
To: Anita Yaa Agyeman
Subject: Will there be podcasts up from the meetings?

Hi Anita-

My name is Mark Baratelli and I am curious to find out if you will be posting audio from each of the panel talks once the festival is over like they do at SXSW and Podcast Expo? I am unable to attend but very interested in the material discussed and possibly looking into attending next year."

Her response:

Hi Mark

Good to hear from you. Yes I will be running the audio exclusively on IT Conversations. It will be available for attendees 2 weeks after the show, but you will have to wait until around September when IT Conversations will run the entire audio series.


anita yaa

Can't wait to hear the audio from this conference come September. Hopefully by then I will be at the The Podcast Expo shuffling around oohing and aahing as well.

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