Jun 8, 2006

Philly is almost like New York City: the commercial

My guess is that the goal of this commercial was to make Philly look like New York City to encourage the burb-dwellers around Philly to choose it as a sleep-over destination over New York City. Am I right? Source

--A book with a blog and myspace profile to promote itself. Source

--Apple got one Daily Show correspondent to represent the nerdy Microsoft guy in it's most recent anti-pc campaign, pitting said nerd against youngish Apple hipster, but Microsoft is having the latest laught in it's corraling of Daily Show "Trendspotting"correspondent Demetri Martin who'll be appearing in ads touting it's release of Windows Vista. Oh, those stand-up-comics-turned-tv-commentators-turned-hucksters: how jealous am I?! (Source, Source)

--SXSW was way back in March, but slowly they eek out podcasts of their interactive panels. Here's my favorite so far: "How do you increase interest in your online venture without spending big money on advertising? This diverse group of experts will reveal their best buzz-building secrets."

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