Aug 30, 2006

Monitoring: how to do it better

Cameron Olthuis started a neat list called "10 Things You should Be Monitoring," a great tip sheet for those charged with keeping track of what the world is saying about your brand. Below are the basics, though I advise reading all three posts for the detailed version.

-Company name
-Company URL
-Public facing figures
-Product names
-Product URLs
-The industry "hang outs"
-Employee activity/blogs
-Brand Image
Jeremiah Owyang nearly doubles the list:
-tags and Social search tools
-Social Voting tools
-Hire a listening service
-encourage customers to post urls of conversations they want you to see
-create a “Voice of the Customer” log in your intranet
Joseph Jaffe had a few more to add:
-Self-clipping services-RSS and aggregators
-Evolve the perspective from yourself, through your direct competitive set to your indirect competitive set and ultimately to your aspirational/non-endemic/non-competitive set.
-Create a PROACTIVE capability/budget in order to QUICKLY execute against everything you're monitoring
-have a REACTIVE process in place to comprehensively and compellingly respond

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