Aug 12, 2006

"See the full film at"

I was reading an article about the top ten ways to get a video going viral, clicked on one of the many "example" links, watched this video, and found at the end of it, this message:

"See the full film at"
I think this is great, using Atomfilm's content to advertise itself, but give me the whole film, not just part of it, on youtube. The content they provide on youtube, if it is being used as an ad, should be complete and whole. The message only sends a "I wasn't expecting that" feeling to the user, which is not what you want. You want the user to be excited by the content and think, "That was great. Gimme more." It should be "I'll give you this content that will thrill you, in exchange for you coming to my site and exploring." It should not be what it is right now, which is "I will give you a part of this content which will thrill you, until you are told at the end of it that it's incomplete. Then, we are going to ask you to come to our website to watch the rest." Please, if people are half as lazy as I am, they will think, "I've seen enough" and move on.

It appears the film's creator submitted the video to youtube, but here's the question I have: Why submit the version she did and not the full version? Does she benefit from users watching it on Atomfilms as opposed to Youtube? I didn't want to leave this post at that question, so I wrote the creator of the film, Ahree Lee:
"My name is Mark Baratelli and I write a marketing blog at I was blogging about your video and atomfilms, but stopped because I wanted to know something. Why did you not submit the whole film to youtube? Did Atomfilms ask you to post the version with the ad at the end? If so, is there a benefit to you posting that version as opposed to the whole version with maybe a link to your website? I'd like to post your response to the blog. Thank you"
Let's see if she write back. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: 10/22/06: The artist never responded.

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