Aug 11, 2006

XM to Stream Music to Alltel Phones

According to Beta news, satellite radio will be streaming to cell phones soon:

"Alltel said Thursday that it would offer its subscribers the option to stream XM Satellite Radio channels to their phones through an application created by MobiTV. The deal is the first time XM would be providing such a service; competitor Sirius has been offering streaming audio to Sprint for nearly a year.
At launch, 20 channels would be offered including the 70s, 80s and 90s music channels, plus pop, hip-hop, country, blues, alternative, and rock channels. XM is providing Alltel with data to allow the company to display the artist, song and album on compatible handsets. The service will retail for $7.99 USD per month, in line with Sirius' offering on Sprint"

This is cool, but it still puts someone else in control of your music. Those channels on satellite are not "sculptable" like, say, the channels you create on Pandora. Now when they put that on a cell phone, I'm in.

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