Aug 28, 2006

You have the control

Please view the latest video clip of a drunken Tara Reid showing her love to the paps (that's paparazzi for the non-celeb-obsessed out there in marketing land).

The paparazzi is like myspace. Both are a communication channel and both are completely controlled by the individual. Angelina Jolie uses the paparazzi to portray herself to the public as a lithe African baby-helper, a modern day Audrey Hepburn. She's building up good will. Tara Reid uses it to show her low-hangerzz and her ability to walk while drunk, daily.

Myspace should be viewed in the same light. Being on the social network does not define you or your brand. What you do in the space does the defining. Your design, your messaging, your blogging, your bulletins: they all are driven by you and your goal. You can brand yourself as an Angelina or a Tara. It's totally within your control.

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