Sep 5, 2006

JCPenney gettin' ready to throw down, yo

(Before I begin, go make Fergie your friend. I am listening to London Bridge right now while I type)

JCPenney is gettin' ready to throw down by getting "Saatchi & Saatchi's vast experience in consumer packaged goods" to "bring a fresh perspective that will differentiate the JCPenney brand in a crowded retail landscape."

I get all kinds of excited when companies re-do their image and marketing. JCPenney could rip a new one in the lower-eneded merch category if they sincerely had a brand overhaul, since they are everywhere and so well-known.

I know they just hired this company to do marketing shizz, but it makes me think...imagine if malls offered cool merchandise and regained the "hip" factor they had when you were in middle and high school. Back then, I considered what the malls offered me to be "it." What if lower ended shops like JCPenney and Sears gave the customer an exciting shopping experience like one receives when walking into Bergdorfs, Abercrombie or Apple? What if these crappy stores opened themselves up and had young designers come in and redesign the young women's and men's clothing area, store by store? What if each store had a unique look, a consistantly changing lineup of clothes and shopping environment? What if they put on a show like at Urban Outfitters does. Every time I walk in there, they've got a new eye catching display or layout. I go there to be inspired.

What if JCPenney really paid attention to what was happening in store design and the changing experience of shopping and...caught up? I'd love to see a dinosaur brand like that co-opt the cool and dominate once again.


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