Oct 24, 2006

Neave.tv is awesome

Check out Neave.tv for a fabulous new way to watch video. It pulls content from sites like blip.tv and youtube, but displays it in a much more beautiful manner.

The content chosen for the site is neat in itself, but the real beauty behind the site is the navigation and the size of the video. While watching one video, you place your cursor at the bottom of the screen and a long visual menu slowly pops up. To me it looks just like a Slide.com horizontal slideshow. You choose the genre and then your video and your selection plays.

The size of the video you watch takes up your entire browser window automatically. No 425 by 350 here. My connection must be a little slow for this to work perfectly because the video was jerky at times, but overall, it was viewable.

Awesome site.

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