Nov 1, 2006 is not a good company

I want to officially go on the record by saying I do not recommend the podcasting service. They have treated me poorly.

The person I have been dealing with is named Randy. His email is

Here is the letter I wrote to him tonight:

"You have neglected me as a customer.

I wrote you months ago asking why my bill has gone from $5 a month to now over $100. And then tonight I dial the phone number I've always used to moblog, and it says "This number is not in service."

I will go to the police, the better business bureu, the blogosphere if you do not rectify this situation immediately.

The problems:

--My monthly bill went from $5 a month to now over $100. I was never sent any notification as to why. I was never told anything.

--There is no way I am using over 100 GIGS of bandwidth

--Your website has no customer service contact information. No number. No nothing.

--You have yet to respond to my complaints.

--Now the phone number for moblogging has been disconnected.

You seriously need to take care of me. I do not respect you or your company and the way you've treated me."

I met with a representative during the podcast pickle party at the Podcast Expo and told him of my problems. He took my card and said he'd try to look into it. He didn't. He mentioned an email went out saying pricing plans were changing. i told him I never got an email saying anything like that. He looked as though that were impossible to beleive. But it's true. My bill jumped from $5 a month for a year, to now over $100 for the month of September. No explanation. No nothing.

Please, if you have any power or pull, help me with this.

-Mark Baratelli

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Anonymous said...


I have also had Hipcast problems - have you found a good alternative? I find there service unreliable and support is unresponsive.

Email if want 2 trade ideas.


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