Nov 9, 2006

Lady Raptastic Podcast is Spreading

The Lady Raptastic Podcast is still going strong with increased listenership and now branching out beyond podcasting. She's gotten into two new areas: videocasting on Youtube and getting fan lerve in Second Life.

We launched her brand new videocast this month with two episodes, hosted on Youtube. Did you know there were Youtube Honors? Now I know because both episodes got some. Check out the honors Episode 2 received the day it was released:

Second Life
Second Life is something I've explored and currently listen to Joseph Jaffe babble about on his podcast. I know it's bubbling under and about to explode, I've just not gone in and gotten my feet wet. Well, now I don't have to. Lady Raptastic has done it for me.

One of her fans participates in Second Life and created a t-shirt with the Lady Raptastic logo and the url on the front and a funny saying of hers on the back. The Lady is in Second Life! Woo! See below:

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