Dec 23, 2006

Built for bad slogans. Made for ridicule.

The awesome blog Adfreak poked fun at Orlando's new slogan:

"The city of Orlando, allegedly inspired by Las Vegas’s “What happens here, stays here” campaign, is planning to spend $68 million over two years to promote itself. But what the city has in ad dollars, it lacks in inspiration, going with the tepid line: “Orlando: Built for families. Made for memories.”
I agree. It sounds sucky on the outside, but I bet this kind of schlock appeals to the types of Moms who bring their kids to Disney World. I do think it's clunky, though: "made" and "built" have practically the same meaning. So, couldn't you just say, "Built for family memories"?

The thing, too, is, no one comes to Orlando. They come to Disney World or Universal. Orlando is just the land Disney World sits on, it's not the destination. The city might want to step back and let the parks speak for the city, since they're the ones driving the Moms to bring their kids in the first place, not the city itself.


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