Feb 9, 2007

Tv, then viral, then live, and back to viral...in a box

Again with the live performance of viral video content! Love it!

This one involves the "D*** in a Box" duet sung by Justin Timberlake and a performer on SNL. First, it was a song on a tv show (SNL). Then NBC put it online and it became a viral video. It exploded. People loved it. (Over 13 million views as of today). Then Timberlake performed it live at his Madison Square Garden concert. The audience loved it. Someone filmed it, and now it's viral video featuring a live performance of a viral video that started out as a tv performance.

So, the song traveled from tv to online to live performance then back online.

Now, who makes money off this? I'd say no one directly. But it does create buzz for those involved, which eventually could pay off. Viewers could be drawn into watching what SNL will do next (or be lazy like most people and wait for the good stuff to hit the Youtube fan). Timberlake definitely gets press for it, which will help his tour and record sales (if he even needs it).

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