Feb 22, 2007

Youtube, Joost and Steve Jobs' rant

Is Youtube falling apart?
--Joost is the new youtube. Viacom, owner of Comedy Central, MTV and others, could not reach an agreement with Youtube, pulled 100,000 videos off the site and struck a deal with Joost.com, the video site (now in beta) created by the guys who made Skype. Joost will host all of Viacom's online video content. Joost will only feature content created by it's partners. We, the lowly masses, cannot upload to Joost. But we can watch tv shows there for free. (Source)

--"A deal between Google and CBS to let YouTube users watch clips from shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman has unraveled, according to published reports." (Source)

--I heard on Buzz Out Loud that Youtube will only allow content providers who are business partners with the company access to it's filtering software. This is called blackmail.

Steve Jobs' latest teacher rant
I've heard on several podcasts that Steve Jobs thinks teachers should not have tenure because it prevents the bad ones from being fired. Just because you have tenure means that if you are a bad teacher, you can't be fired? Is this true?

Singing News Anchor
"Yahoo is hoping a quirky take on the news will strike a chord as its next original programing effort. The Web giant confirmed Wednesday that it will launch a video project before the end of this quarter that will feature a journalist-cum-crooner who will sing the news." (Source)

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