Feb 26, 2007

WSJ unboxed

Over at Brand Autopsy, way back in January, they did an "unboxing" of ("Gadget geeks get their kicks unboxing the latest gizmos" according to the site) the Wall Street Journal's new redesign. I was excited about this back then and it was neat to see someone take an equal interest in the redesign.

Watch the video here.

Why is the redesign so important? Well, many people say newspaper is becoming irrelevant. I agree. But the WSJ rethought their paper's content. I think their content choice deserves more emphasis than the visual redesign. They're putting more analysis and in-depth coverage in the papaer, and placing their timely material online. Makes sense, right? So now having an unchangeable, paper document I can't cutomize makes sense because the content within is less timely and more about analysis than getting "the scoop."

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