Feb 25, 2007

Acceptable.tv is the new Channel101.com

Acceptable.tv is the new Channel 101
It looks like the folks at Channel 101 have moved onto VH1 to create Acceptable.tv, which is basically Channel 101, but on tv instead of the net, has Jack Black as the host and has far more money to burn through.

The basic premise is you send in 2.5 minute tv show ideas to acceptable.tv's site (when it goes live, i have no idea) and people vote for which pilots they want turned into tv shows. If yours get s picked, you have to churn out weekly shows until, I guess, people stop voting/watching.

Below are two videos describing the whole project. If you make net videos of any kind that are funny, you should probably pay attention:

What is Acceptable.tv? Part One

What is Acceptable.tv? Part Two
And a side note, but not unimportant...this is all Viacom material. You know, the company that totally ditched youtube for Joost.com. However, all the video on Acceptable.tv will be playing on Revvr, which means you, the video creat-whore, will share in the revenue (Revvr plays ads after your video material and you make money off that). I wonder when/if Acceptable.tv will switch over to joost.

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