Apr 10, 2007

HP in "Content Consumption" Business

In the New York Times article about HP's senior vice president of printing, Vyomesh I. Joshi, the most interesting stuff was at the tail end of the article.

He describes his company in a totally different light and then speaks on blogging:

"One of Mr. Joshi’s favorite tactics is to think in opposites: for instance, to lose weight one should think about how one gains it. Mr. Joshi has been pushing the idea that the focus on printers has meant that the company was looking at the means and not the ends. In fact, he said, H.P. may not really be in the printing business. “We are in the content consumption business,” he said.

The hardest part for Mr. Joshi? “Reluctantly, I am doing blogs,” he told the employees at the companywide coffee talk. He said he needed to understand how they work. “Otherwise, we will be irrelevant.”

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