Apr 6, 2007


I moved to New York City March 17-May 7 to attend auditions for musical theatre jobs. While here, I started bringing my video camera with me to auditions. I kept doing it and now have a few videos. So I guess I am videoblogging now. I call the "show" Mark on the Road: NYC. I figure when I return to Orlando, the name of the show will become "Mark on the Road: Orlando." And so forth.

Each episode is 1-3 minutes long and moves very fast. I try to release a video a day. I kept up the first week then immediately faltered the second week.

Using blip.tv has been fantastic. It makes youtube look like the myspace of video hosting sites. I never knew how awful youtube was until I used blip.tv. The only thing it doesn't offer (of I cannot find) is an embeddable player that plays all your episodes, or at least select ones you choose. Youtube has this feature.

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